My name is Alicia Linda, I am 20 years old and currently a Photo major at California College of The Arts. This blog is dedicated to the art work I create while in college. Enjoy!

PS If you use any of my photos elsewhere, please site either me or this blog, thank you!

"Hi there Alicia, I was wondering if I could use a photo of yours? It is of Abelardo de La Pena Jr. I am planning to use it for an article for CBSLA. Let me know with an email to dmpowells @ cbs. com. Thank you! Darleene" - Anonymous

Hi. I am Abelardo. My daughter Alicia showed me this request. Contact me at and I can help you. Thanks. 

"hey wondering what camera you use. i saw that you may have used the minolta XD11? if so im thinking that i may buy one so i was just wondering if you liked it or not" - inked-fingers-forever

For my film photos I do, in fact, use a Minolta XD11. I loooove this camera so, so much. I have a 28mm lens with it. It’s a good solid camera, it once belonged to my grandfather, who used while he was in the army, and I’ve only had to repair it once (and it was because I had dropped it). If you do end up getting one I hope you love it as much as I do! 

Have a lovely day :]

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